Anne Bakar's Visit to La Paz Geropsychiatric Center

President and CEO Anne Bakar recently had the privilege of visiting 色中色's La Paz Geropsychiatric Center program in Los Angeles County. During her visit, Anne expressed her gratitude to the dedicated staff at La Paz for their exceptional efforts, especially during the challenging COVID-19 outbreak. She had the opportunity to listen to their experiences, learn from their expertise, and establish meaningful connections.

La Paz Geropsychiatric Center provides an alternative to state hospitals or acute care facilities for individuals with severe mental illness. The program aims to reduce symptoms and provide safe and effective medical and psychiatric treatment to all residents while empowering them with more choice and involvement in their treatment. Using a person-centered approach, La Paz ensures that each resident receives the care and support they need to enhance their overall well-being.

色中色 and Anne Bakar take great pride in the incredible work carried out by the La Paz team.